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13th October 2020

First sighting of the day has been a pod of Port Stephens Bottlenose Dolphins near Yaccaba headland on our way out through the heads. We had a mumma Humpback Whale and her little baby calf just waiting for the Hinchinbrook Explorer. The little calf was pec slapping the surface of the water.

From our position outside the headland we can see another four or five whales further off shore, as we have approached the whales they have been breaching, and once we have got closer to the pod we have viewed another couple of breaches. The whales have then become quite active, and have began chasing each other in circles.

We have also spotted a green turtle during our morning cruise.

The Hinchinbrook Explorer has headed towards Big Island to find a pod of three whales during our afternoon cruise. The whales were very active, pec slapping the water, breaching, pec slapping, breaching, pec slapping, breaching continuously. At one stage the pod of whales has come in very close to the vessel, crossing the bow of the vessel and then surprising all onboard by breaching next to the boat.

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