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About Port Stephens

Dolphin Capital of Australia

The perfect holiday destination… a blue water paradise made up of pristine and unspoiled waterways. There are over 26 golden sandy beaches, eco-diverse Marine and National Parks, all the adventure and fun that you could wish for.

Dolphins, Whales and More

Nature is at the centre of all that is Port Stephens.

We have a resident population of Bottlenose Dolphins and Whales during migration season. There are spectacular bush walks, wildflowers and endless water activities such as first-class snorkelling and diving in Port Stephens and Great Lakes marine parks. Plus excellent fishing, which is one of the most popular activity in Port Stephens.

Escape to Paradise

Mother Nature’s diversity in Port Stephens offers something for everyone.

Port Stephens is the perfect escape route for city-dwellers, for those seeking relaxation, anyone after outdoor family activities or for those in pursuit of fun.

2.5 hours from Sydney

Imagine… waking up at home and that same afternoon you are boom netting with dolphins, discovering koala’s in their natural habitat or exploring the massive Stockton sand dunes… all only 2.5 hours drive from Sydney.

Tomaree Peninsula

The most easterly peninsula, the Tomaree Peninsula, is the main holiday destination in Port Stephens. It is a mecca for people who love water, beaches and all things aquatic.

Bounded by the Port itself on the north and the ocean on the south, the peninsula is characterised by striking beaches, ample facilities and a string of small townships that are dotted around the coastline.

The striking Tomaree Headland at Shoal Bay stands like a silent sentinal guarding the entrance to the Port. Leading back along the northern coastline are the townships of Nelson Bay, Corlette, Salamander Bay and Soldiers Point, while Fingal Bay is located on the ocean side of the peninsula.

Worimi Conservation Lands Stockton Sand Dunes

From Anna Bay on the Tomaree Peninsula to Stockton Beach is known as the Worimi Conservation Lands. It includes the 32 kilometres of the famous Stockton Beach Sand Dunes.

Adventure and excitement are the hallmarks of this stretch of land. The townships of Williamtown, Salt Ash and Bobs Farm can be found along the main road leading to the Tomaree Peninsula.

Tilligerry Peninsula

The Tilligerry Peninsula attracts families, nature and boating enthusiasts.

The area has a emphasis on eco tourism and is best known for its large koala population. It has idyllic waterfront areas and a peaceful atmosphere.

The communities of Lemon Tree Passage, Tanilba Bay and Mallabula can be found here.

Port Stephens ... Blue Water Paradise

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