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Whale Sightings

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Today on board our whale watching cruise straight up first off in our trip we located 1x whale which looked to be a Minke whale just off Yacaaba Headlands. This whale was a little shy and kept to itself so we ventured on shortly after.

We then located 2x humpbacks off Fingal Island and were mugged for a good 20 minutes or so. They came up nice and close to the bow of the boat. One of them was providing all the tricks with breeching, body rolling, tail slaps, spy hopping, and going underneath us switching from side to side. They then proceeded on and one looked to be continuing north while the other turned and continued south.

There were a lot more pods we could see in the distance breeching and just a whole lot of activity.

Today we also had the added excitement of fighter jets above us topping off one pretty full day on the water for our passengers.

Photo Credit: Lee Matthews

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