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Our crew didn’t have to go out far today to get an absolute show stopper of a cruise on board our 10am Hinchinbrook Whale Cruise. As we passed out just off Tomaree Headland between the headland and Fingal Island, we located around 8 calf’s each with their mother.

What was extraordinary was that with each of these 8 pods of mother and calf’s, there were around 2-8 escorts to each pod. Our crew found it hard to keep track of how many Humpbacks there actually was in total,. But they estimated around 30!

All of the calf’s were putting on a display & showing off their newly acquired ‘tricks’ and were breaching & fin slapping in between their few quiet moments where they would dive under for a feed or nap and just do as mothers and calf’s do.

Around Tomaree Headland also, there were a heap of sea eagles watching on and sneaking in a peek of the action.

As we made our way back into the harbour, which didn’t take long as we didnt have to go out far to begin with, we located a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins enjoying their local residence.

Photo Credit: Lee Matthews

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