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Whale Sightings

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What a day out on the water we had today with the abundance of wildlife we encountered!

On board Hinchinbrook Explorer this morning we located 2x fully grown humpback whales headed southbound. They were a little far out, and didn’t seem to want to come in for a closer look at us. Not like the hammer head shark that shocked onlookers as it came right up close to our boat, went underneath us and along the left hand side of us for our passengers to see.

We located a pod of about 20x common Dolphins out past Fingal Island, and even a flying fish which showed us some impressive arial tricks!

On our way home we stopped by Cabbage Tree Island to see a heap of seals relaxing and basking in the sun.

Our afternoon Whale cruise saw us find a mother and calf humpback duo heading north just off Fingal Island. The calf was very active showing us breeching & head lunges while in the distance there were more pods with one in particular doing a HUGE breech.

To finish it off we had an array of different breeds of sea birds out among us this afternoon also.

Photo Credit: Lee Matthews

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