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All Nelson Bay Cruises

At Moonshadow – TQC, we offer a great range of Nelson Bay cruises with the largest vessels in Port Stephens. We ensure both a comfortable and memorable cruising experience! Enjoy our range of Dolphin Cruises, search for Whale during May to November, explore the hidden gem of Port Stephens on our Broughton Island Cruise, immerse yourself in history with our range of Historical Cruises hosted by local historian, John ‘Stinker’ Clarke, and more by booking online. Looking for a gift that will make a lasting impression? Our gift vouchers are now available online!

From A$89

Historical Cruise Series guided by local Port Stephens legend, historian and author, John ‘Stinker’ Clarke

Discover the beauty and learn about the history of Broughton Island, or climb Point Stephens’ Lighthouse on our Fingal Island Historical Cruise, or learn about the fascinating Western Harbour of Port Stephens, with a cruise by local legend, John ‘Stinker’ Clarke!