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16 JULY 2023

The picturesque shores of Fingal Beach became the heart of an inspiring event called “The Human Whale 2023” as the community came together to pay homage to the awe-inspiring Humpback whales and celebrate all things related to the ocean. The event, held on Sunday 16 July 2023 at 10 am, saw over 1300 like-minded individuals converging at the beach to promote ocean conservation and raising awareness about the annual Humpback whale migration.

Meanwhile onboard our whale watch cruises heading off shore towards Fingal Island have located a couple of south bound Humpback hugging the island, we think they may of been confused as it’s a little early to be expecting to see whales heading back to the south oceans and their feeding grounds. We have left them and moved onto a Humpback Mother and her calf that were cruising in a northerly direction.

During the 1:30pm whale cruise aboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer the crew have spotted two pods of whales consisting of two whales to a pod. These whales were spending quite a long period of time on their sounding dives making the predicting of them resurfacing difficult. We have left these whales and moved onto another pods that were a bit more active and showed off with some gentle tail flicking on the surface of the water. Our day has been completed with the sighting of the local Port Stephens Bottlesnose Dolphins in the harbour.


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