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15 JULY 2023

If only all winter days at Port Stephens could be a carbon copy of today – warm day time temperatures, blue sky, calm off shore sea conditions and light sea breezes. Today has been magical and full of amazing interaction with the passing Humpback Whales and Off Shore Short Beaked Common Dolphins.

Passenger aboard the 10am whale watch cruise have spent time viewing a pod of up to five Humpback Whales just off Shark Island, the whales have then split themselves into three different groups each heading in different directions before zigzag towards the vessel and away again. The seals at Cabbage Tree Island delighted our passengers with their beautiful characters, there were about 10 seals basking on the rocks of the island and another in the water with its fins sticking above the water line trying to cool down.

The Hinchinbrook Explorer has reached the middle point between Fingal Island and Boondelbah Island to spot our afternoon whales, but the Humpback Whales have been shown up by the biggest super pod of approx 500 Shorted Beak Common Dolphins. Every direction you looked there were dolphins clear leaping out of the water and interacting with each other creating an amazing energy.

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