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Whale Sightings

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14 JULY 2023

What a day for sea life!  A variety of creatures sighted on all our cruises today.

As soon as the 10am Hinchinbrook Explorer cruise entered through the heads into the Humpback highway, a few pods were encountered with 3 to 4 rather large whales travelling north.  They were providing good surface time and activity of rolling, tail slapping and head lunging within 100m from the vessel.  The Dolphins decided to participate leaping and launching to feed on the bait fish surrounding the boat.  On the return two Seals were sighted playing off Halifax Park and a turtle off Fly Point who was playing with the Dolphins.

The 11am MV Spirit cruise encountered a mother and calf with an escort providing good surface time and excellent calm sea conditions.  The passengers were lucky to see Seals, Dolphins and a Turtle also.  Seemed to be the theme of the day.

Photo credit: Lee Matthews Photography

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