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9 July 2021

Only the 10am cruise went out today but with the skies grey and the clouds open the ocean was serine and calm. The crew onboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer had an amazing morning with the whales and sighted 3 pods in total. With experienced Skipper Matt at the wheel and enough water between the pods, he positioned the vessel nicely in the middle and slowly travelled North with them.

It is law to keep 100 metres from whales and 300 metres if a calf is in tow with the group, but whales are wild creatures and don’t know the rules so they can come and check us out as much as they like. The passengers where lucky to have one very inquisitive whale come right up to the side of the vessel to say hello.

Their must be something in the water as the whales where just happy cruising along with a relaxed and chilled demeanour so not any acrobatics, but surface time was great.

Coming into the bay the crew picked up 2 pods of Bottlenose Dolphins just off the Moon bar which is a sandbar well known to locals that looks like the shape of a crescent moon and runs a portion of the entrance to the Port. When the swell is pumping through the heads at a Southeast direction it can create a nice wave and Dolphins love to surf it.

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