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8 June 2021

Winter is coming! Brrrrr there is undoubtedly a chill in the air today, we are all rugged up in our warm jackets, beanies and scarves to ward off the wintry cold!

Hinchinbrook Explorer has cruised straight out through the headland during our morning cruise to find a couple of whales heading north bound. They were quite content to continue their journey, they did at one point come quite close to the vessel. We have then cruised along side Cabbage Tree Island to wave hello to the seals, before finding a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins at Yaccaba Headland on the way back to the dock.

Again for our afternoon whale watch cruise we have located a pair of Humpback Whales due east of Port Stephens. We could see the whales breaching on approach to the pod, but by the time we got closer they had stopped. The pair spent a good amount of time on the surface of the water, and as a final wave goodbye as we moved away from the pod the whales breached one last time for all our passengers.

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