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6th October 2020

With a change in weather conditions, it was time to put on a warm layer of clothing to venture out on our whale watch cruises this morning.

The crew on the Hinchinbrook Explorer have had great success with spotting whales during the morning cruise. They have reported seeing a number of pods of Humpback Whales with two to three whales in each pod, including a calf in one of the pods. All pods were heading south bound and spending a good amount of time on the surface of the water. We have also sighted four separate pods of Port Stephens Bottlenose Dolphins that were leaping and jumping out of the water!

We have lots of happy passengers onboard the MV Spirit who have located a pair of Humpback mother and her calf near to Bondelbah Island. Mum was having a rest on the surface of the water, but the little calf obviously had a fair amount of energy to burn and was constantly breaching much to the delight of all onboard.

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