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6 June 2021

Our Sunday morning is off to a great start with a report of a young juvenile Humpback Whale taking in the sights of Shoal Bay. The whale seemed quite happy swimming and diving in the harbour, we would normally expected to spot a dolphin or two as we cruise out through the headland, so it was a lovely surprise to come across the whale in the Bay.

The Hinchinbrook Explorer has continues its way off shore and towards Fingal Bay to find two pods of Humpback Whales. The whales were spending a good amount of time on the surface of the water, taking a few breaths before completing approx 10 minute sounding dives and showing off their beautiful tails as they dove under the water. We have also been joined a pod of Ocean Bottlenose Dolphins that were surfing on the pressure wave of the vessel as we cruised along.

As we have cruised back to the marina we have met up with the young juvenile whale again at Fly Point, he or she was very comfortable within the Bay swimming between the marine park of Fly point and the break wall at the Marina.

Our friendly Humpback Whale was still hanging around the Nelson Bay Beach as both our afternoon Dolphin Discovery Cruise and Whale Watch Cruises left the marina at 1:30pm. The local Marine Rescue was later seen giving the whale a guided escort back past Shoal Bay and out through the headland at Mt Tomaree later in the afternoon.

Whales everywhere during our afternoon cruise, with three pods that we can see, all with one to three whales in each pod. We have spotted breaching whales as we have approached one of the pods, but they did quieten down as the vessel maneuvered closer. These whales were spending 3-5 minutes under the surface of the water on sounding dives, but at one stage did come in nice and close to the vessel giving all passengers a close up look.

Before heading for home, we have cruised past the resident seals at Cabbage Tree Island. Today there were about nine seals basking on the rocks in the sunshine, with a couple of dolphins swimming close to the Island.


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