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31 August 2020

Our back to work Monday has brought blue sky’s and glorious sunshine to Port Stephens, a perfect day to be on the water searching for Humpback Whales.

Once reaching the headland at Shoal Bay, the crew on the MV Spirit of Port Stephens have traveled quite a distance off shore where the water depth was around 90 meters. We have spent our morning with a pod of four Humpback Whales that were a little bit erratic with their movement, often swimming in circles, diving for up to 10 minutes and chasing each other. Towards the end of our time with the pod, they have swam in quite close to the vessel giving all passengers onboard a close encounter with the pod.

We had one very late north bound Humpback Whale during our afternoon cruise. The whale was traveling at such a fast pace that the Captain of the MV Spirit of Port Stephens had trouble in keeping up with the whale. He must of known that he was leaving his run very late to travel north to the warm waters of Queensland and was in a rush to get there.

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