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29 July 2021

Weather was warm and sun was shining. What a great day for a whale watch. Please note we can take bookings on the day so if you get up and think gee today would be a fantastic day to go Whale Watching give us a call on 02 4984 9388 from 8.30am.

With only a few passengers onboard the crew set out to sea to see what they could Sea Sea Sea………hmmmmm.  Well hopefully  to find some migrating whales. Before long they had 4 separate pods all spotted in the water off Fingal Island. The pods where 2 in each,  so 8 in total with a few coming up close to take a sneaky look at the passengers. One main highlight of the morning cruise was seeing an adult Sea Turtle. DID YOU KNOW that a sea turtles’ gender is determined by the temperature of the nest? Hotter temperatures produce more females while more males emerge from cooler temperatures. Anyway, back to the whales. They had good surface time, so viewing was great but no major tricks. The crew also spotted some Common Dolphins offshore and a few Bottlenose Dolphins when they’re entered the harbour. All in all,  great weather,  great passengers, and a  great cruise.

This weekend’s weather is looking great so don’t hesitate book NOW

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