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27th September 2020

This mornings whale watch cruise aboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer has found a pod of three Humpback Whales heading south bound near to Little Island. The pod was spending a good amount of time of the surface of the water, with sounding dives of up to five minutes at a time.

As we were preparing to move away from our vantage point of viewing the whales, all three whales have suddenly swam in the direction of the vessel and have come up extremely close and have mugged the boat, swimming on all side and checking us out.

For our passengers aboard the 11am whale watch cruise, we have started our morning catching up with the seals on Cabbage Tree Island. While most of the seals were resting on the rocks, there were a few swimming in the water. As we have moved away from the seal, we have come across a pod of Off Shore Common Dolphins that were feeding. But the highlight of the morning was spent watching a Humpback Whale mother and calf breaching together.

We’ve had a amazing afternoon on the water, with passengers onboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer spending time with three separate large adult Humpback Whales heading south bound. There was a fair amount of activity with breaching, tail flicking and fin slapping around the boat.

Captain Belinda aboard the MV Spirit has cruised up along side Bennetts Beach quite close into the shore line and found a Humpback mother and her calf which looked to be quite young, it was a beautiful little bubba.

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