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23 July 2021

We only had one Cruise today but it definitely delivered!

The crew spotted three pods of Humpback Whales (2+2+1) just off Fingal Island. The whales were completing sounding dives of around 6-8 minutes in duration, but they did get a few tail slaps towards the end of the our time with the whales. We also had a pod of Common Dolphins riding the bow wave while viewing the humpbacks, so that was an amazing sight getting to see them up close.

On the way home the crew pulled up and had a look at the Australian Fur Seals that use Cabbage Tree Island as home base in the winter months. Today there was 15 sunning seals themselves on the rock and one decided it was time to do some fishing and leapt into the water.

Once the fun of seeing the Seals was over the crew headed back to the harbour, at the base of Yacabbah Headland they came across a wonderful and playful group of Bottlenose Dolphins so it was a win of a day seeing whales, 2 types of Dolphins and a massive group of Seals.

Vantage point: Between Fingal Light and Boondelbah Islands

Fin Fact: Australian Fur Seals can dive up to 150m in search of prey. Although they can breathe on land Australian Fur Seals prefer to live in the water spending weeks feeding at sea. The mother seal and pups can recognise each other by using a familiar call.

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