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23rd July 2020

This morning we had 2 very curious pods of whales. Once we found them, they spent great time on the surface and decided to approach the vessel 50m from the bow. They they put on a show all performing big tail dives. We also met two pods of common dolphins, 1 pod were feeding on a large school of fish and the others were, shall we say, playing an adult game of twister. We then headed over to Cabbage Tree island where 12 seals were scratching up against the rocks and waving hello!

In the afternoon, 1 pod of two whales were just as happy to put on a show by performing tail waves and slaps. Spending great time on the surface. As we returned to Cabbage Tree Island in search for seals, there were more there then this morning. They were lying on the rocks enjoying the sun. We were then welcomed back into the bay by our local resident bottle nose dolphins.

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