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23 May 2021

Just like Lionel Richie lyrics ‘Easy, like Sunday Morning’ our passengers and crew aboard our morning whale watch cruise are ‘free, unattached and without obligation’ as we enjoy this stunning Sunday morning of sunshine and calm sea conditions with a pod of whales.

Hinchinbrook Explorer has not needed to cruise too far outside the headlands to spot our first whales of the day close to the Fingal Island Lighthouse. This pod is extremely relaxed to begin, and attracting a bit of attention by tail slapping the surface of the water. The pod of whales consisted of around four to five Humpback Whales, all whales became more active, putting on a wonderful display of half breaches, not quite getting their entire bodies out of the water but none the less a spectacular sight to witness.

As we have moved away from the pod of Humpback Whales we have cruised onto Cabbage Tree Island, today there looked to be about six seals basking in the sunshine. Heading back to the marina, we have come across a pod of the local Bottlenose Dolphins at Yaccaba Headland.

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