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22 May 2021

It was nothing but blue skies and calm seas today for passengers on our Whale Watching Cruise. With Captain Matt accompanied by our crew, there was nothing but determination and excitement to see some whales. Heading off just after 10am, it wasn’t long until they spotted two whales not far from the headlands. The whale’s sound dives were an average of seven minutes, with the whales becoming a bit playful with a few tail lobs. On the return trip home, a third whale was spotted as well travelling up the coast. Captain Matt made a quick stop at Cabbage Island to say hello to the seals as well as spotting Bottlenose Dolphins when returning back into the harbour.

For the 1:30pm departure it started off slow but it was worth the wait! Just off from Boat Harbour there was a breaching juvenile coming close to the boat, breaching nice and close! The offshore common dolphins were everywhere this afternoon, giving passengers the perfect opportunity for photos.

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