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17 September 2020

As far as spring days go today can’t get too much better! With warm temperatures, light breezes and perfect sea condition make today an awesome day to be cruising off shore in the search for the mighty Humpback Whale.

Crew report from the Hinchinbrook Explorer this morning, they have traveled out to a point where the water depth is around 80 meters. We have spotted two Humpback Whales that were completing sounding dives of up to 9 minutes at a time, then coming to the surface for two or three breaths before diving beneath the surface of the water again.

The absolute highlight of this mornings cruise was being joined by a pod of Off Shore Common Dolphins. There were hundreds of them, with a lot leaping out of the water making for a spectacular sight!

This afternoon, we encountered humpbacks who seemed to act a lot like our morning whales, a little bit quiet. However, we were pleasantly surprised when a mother and calf curiously approached the boat!

We were escorted back in by our beautiful common dolphins who road the bow. They were jumping out of the water from every angle. What a day!

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