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14 July 2020

Did you know Port Stephens was named and discovered by Captain James Cook back on the 11 May 1770 honouring Sir Philip Stephens, who was his Secretary to the Admiralty. Fun facts aside let’s get into the sightings for the day.

Our morning cruise was a delight with the crew spotting a very active breacher off Fingal Island also known as Shark Island Nature Reserve. The Active humpback breached for a consistent hour also doing some head lunges in front of the boat. It was an amazing show with seagulls taking to opportunity to feast on anything that busted off the whale as it pounded its body into the water.

The afternoon cruise was just as good, no breachers but more of a slow close up viewing with four pods spotted offshore but the pod to be with was a group of five Humpback Whales that were rolling and flicking over each other, the crew believe it may have been a female on heat and a few males in the group courting her. They also did a few spy hops but at times the playfulness looked aggressive. We left them on their way and headed into the bay coming across a great pod of resident Bottlenose Dolphins.

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