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1 June 2021

Sea conditions have finally settled down after a weekend of high swells and unfavourable conditions meant we spent a few days on dry land. Our crew were eager to welcome our passengers onboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer to share the experience of  searching for the mighty Humpback Whales on their northern migration along the Port Stephens coastline.

During this stage of the northern migration the skippers take a left hand turn at Fingal Island with the intention to meet the whales as they as they hug the coastline. We have spotted two Humpback Whales close to Fingal Bay, both whales spent a good amount of time on the surface of the water giving our passengers a good amount of viewing time.

Did you know it’s rude not to wave to a Humpback Whale when they wave hello! We spent time this afternoon with a pod of two young Humpback Whales who were playfully lying on their backs on the surface of the water waving their huge pec fins and slapping the water. So of course, we had to wave hello in return.

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