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Whale Sightings

15th June 2020

The Captain of the Hinchinbrook Explorer has steered the vessel towards Fingal Island on our morning whale watch cruise where we have spotted one lone whale heading in a northerly direction. The Humpback Whale spent a good amount of time...

14th June 2020

The showers during the early morning of Sunday have cleared to reveal blue skys and sunshine, making it a beautiful day to be on the water at Port Stephens. Passengers aboard our 11am whale watch cruise MV Spirit have experience...

13 June 2020

This morning we spent time with two humpbacks straight out through the headlands.  We stayed with them as they swam behind Little Island, spending good time on the surface but no tricks today. There was a pod of Oceanic dolphins...

12 June 2020

This morning we headed south past Fingal to catch up with three humpback whales traveling separately.  Two of them put on quite a show with a welcoming breach as we approached, then head lunging, more breaching and tail dives.  ...

11 June 2020

We had an enjoyable cruise today - firstly meeting an adult and juvenile humpback straight through the heads - they showed off a few tricks including tail lobs and pectoral slaps.  Then we headed towards Cabbage Tree Island to say...

10 June 2020

Today we spotted two Humpbacks inside Fingal Island playing around for a while before they continued their northern migration.

8 June 2020

During the a.m cruise we joined two humpbacks straight out through the headland - there was good surface time and we also had Oceanic dolphins ride the bow. This afternoon we had a brief sighting of 2 whales inside Fingal...

7 June 2020

This morning 2 humpbacks came right up to the boat and swam underneath (mugging) - we also saw pectoral slaps and tail lobs on board Hinchinbrook Explorer.  On MV Spirit we spotted 3 humpbacks spending lots of time on the...

5 June 2020

It was good to get out to see whales today as the last 2 days weather caused cancellation of the cruise.  We saw a juvenile humpback near the Fingal Lighthouse and then went on to spot a mother and calf...

2 June 2020

This morning we spotted a pod of 3 humpback whales breaching as we approached.  They were then joined by another pod of 2 whales - there was lots of activity including rolls and tail and pec slapping.  We also had...

1 June 2020

Breaching whales today to welcome us into June - a great month to see the whales!

31 May 2020

Today we saw one whale near Fingal Island slowly heading north and spending quite a bit of time underneath the surface.  We said hello to 6 seals on Cabbage Tree Island and saw both Bottlenose and Oceanic dolphins.

30 May 2020

This morning we spotted three adult humpbacks out through the heads.  They showed off with some surface rolling and pec slaps.  There were 11 seals on Cabbage Tree Island plus both Oceanic and Bottlenose dolphins playing around the whales. This...

29 May 2020

This morning we caught up with the whale inside the harbour and to everyone's delight it breached four times near Fly Point before exiting through the heads to continue the northern migration.  This afternoon we saw one lazy humpback.

28 May 2020

Today we saw a juvenile heading INTO the bay - plus lots of seals and dolphins during the cruise.

28th September 2019

All cruises today have seen several pods of Humpbacks which included mothers and calves who have been extremely active showing off breaches, pectoral fin slaps and tail lobs.

29th September 2019

The whales are coming south in good numbers at present – this morning we saw three separate pods of mothers and calves.  One calf we spotted near Cabbage Tree Island was breaching constantly.  We also spotted common dolphins outside the...
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