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8 JULY 2024

Moonshadow TQC Port Stephens Dolphin

It’s a whale Bonanza at Port Stephens and just in time for the school holidays! The crew on MV Osprey has reported the sighting of many pods of Humpback Whales. Again the hot spot of whale sightings have all been around Fingal Island so we have not needed to cruise too far from the headland of Shoal Bay.

Our afternoon cruise was spent with a very active pod of five Humpback Whales we have watched an amazing display of tail slapping, pec slapping and a couple of breaches. Before returning to dock we have cruised past Cabbage Tree Island to find the seals basking on the rocks of the island, and then onto the local Bottlenose Dolphins at Yacabba Headland.

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