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7 JULY 2024

After a number of days of whale watch cruises being land locked due to unfavourable sea conditions off shore we are excited to get back out on the Port Stephens Whale Highway in search of the mighty Humpback Whales.

The Hinchinbrook Explorer has kept in close to the off shore Islands of Boondelbah and Fingal Island during the morning cruise, we have sighted a number of pods further off shore, but we have stayed with a lone whale who was quite inquisitive coming nice and close to the boat. The whale spent a good amount of time on the surface of the water and made a surprise breach too.

Meanwhile our passenger onboard MV Osprey has found a lot of competition pods with the largest pod having seven whales. All the whales were curious and surrounding the boat, zigzagging from side to side keeping everyone on their toys and wondering which way to look.

Of course our day is not complete without cruising past the Australian Fur Seals resting on the rocks of Cabbage Tree Island, with a few cute littler seals spotted. We also watched as an Australasian Darter managing to catch his lunch, taking off in flight with quite a good sized fish in his beak.

Photo credit: Lee Matthews Photography

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