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30 JULY 2023

Whale Watching Moonshadow TQC Cruises Port Stephens

It seems too early in the season to be sighting south bound whales, but this morning the crew have spotted a lone Humpback Whale heading in a southerly direction as we reached the open ocean. We have followed along side this whale before locating a pod of two Humpback Whales close to the entrance of Fingal Bay. These two whales were journeying north bound, we waved farewell to the lone Humpback Whale and continued our time with the two whales. Their movement were a little hard to track with both whales doing long sounding dives where they were beneath the water for long periods, but a massive pod of Common Dolphins has appeared out of no where at this time and kept everyone entertained with their acrobatic display – one of the dolphins breached right out of the water quite close to the vessel.

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