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26 May 2022

Whale watching Moonshaow-TQC Cruises

Script from conversation with Skipper Matt

Office: How was the cruise?

Skipper Matt: My Commentary was hilarious

Office: It always is but what happened today, tell me everything from the start.

Skipper: oh I woke up and had mushrooms on toast.

Office: No, no did you see whales?

Skipper Matt: oh yeah had three juvenile Humpback Whales and one of them was breaching.

Office: OMG next time start with that heheheheheh

The day was stella, conditions perfect, sun was shinning and after a few days of over cast conditions with showers the crew where elated to be on the water. After passing the heads and just off Point Stephens Light house the crew picked up three juvenile Humpback Whales. The whales had great surface time so viewing was easy, after a short while the group split up into a group of two and one solo traveler.

Skipper Matt decided to stick with the solo young male and his decision paid off as the young male started to breach. The ultimate trick you want to see on a whale watch is a breach, but this doesn’t always happen so with perfect conditions and tricks the cruise was a success.

On the way home they also came across a nice pod of resident Bottlenose Dolphins, Port Stephens is home to approx 160. It was a lovely way to end the cruise.


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