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27 May 2022


Crew report from our morning whale watch cruise aboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer, we have had one lone Humpback Whale that was playing hide and seek with us today. The whale was seen disappearing on a number of sounding dives for between eight to tens minutes at a time, making tracking the whales journey a little hard. While our crew does everything possible to locate whales, there are on occasions where the whales have different ideas.

This afternoon has blessed us with blue sky’s and brilliant sunshine in conjunction with perfect sea conditions, making a very pleasant afternoon of autumn conditions for our 1:30pm whale watch cruise. We have spotted a pod of two Humpback Whales straight off Fingal Island. Both whales were very active with lots of tail slap and tail lobs on display. A couple of very friendly and playful Bottlenose Dolphins have come in nice and close to the vessel giving everyone onboard a good look as they swam on the bow.

Photography Credit – Lee Matthews Photography

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