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Whale Sightings

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24 MAY 2023

Cruise Director Kathy has reported a most unexpected surprise for all passengers onboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer Whale Watch Cruise. As the vessel cruised around the corner of Fingal Island they have located two Humpback Whales that were quite active, but the surprising part of the cruise occurred with one of the whales breaching right beside the vessel, if passengers were looking in the right direction they saw a most spectacular breach and splash of the whale hitting the surface of the water. Other pods of whales could be seen in the distance which is a great sign for the start of the 2023 whale watch season.

Once we waved goodbye to the whales and headed back to the marina we came across a large pod of local in shore Bottlenose Dolphins in the middle of the bay.

Photo credit: Lee Matthews Photography

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