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Whale Sightings

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24 JUNE 2024

Beautiful sea conditions, with a nice gentle swell and very light breezes have greeted MV Osprey on our morning Whale Watch Cruise at Port Stephens.

The crew have quickly located two pods of Humpback Whales at Fingal Island, we have cruised along and soon became surrounded by three pods of whales. The whales have been zigzagging all over the place and popping up in surprising locations making viewing very interesting, we must have approx 20 whales in the vicinity of the boat. A few of the large adult Humpback Whales have shown off their beautiful tails quite close to the boat displaying the unique markings.

Moving away from the whales onto Cabbage Tree Island we have found 3 seals playfully frockling in the water and another 15  or so taking in the magnificent winter sunshine on the rocks before cruising back through the headland on the lookout for the resident Bottlenose Dolphins within the harbour near Barnes Rock with the pod on the hunt of a school of fish.

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