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24 AUGUST 2023

a whale jumping out of the water

On board Spirit of Port today we located 3x adult humpbacks just off Boondelbah Island and they were charging down south fast! They did stop for a bit and gave us some good surface time and showed off with some tail dives and fin slaps nice and close to the boat. They were enormous as it was, but to have them up so nice and close to us it really shows you their massive size. We stuck with these few whales all the way to Fingal Island.

We made some time on our way back into the marina to stop off and see if our furry friends the seals were out, and to our surprise there were 26 of them all having a bit of a scuffle & barking loudly amongst themselves. We also located a large pod of bottlenose dolphins at Yabcaaba Headlands to finish the trip off.

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