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12 JUNE 2024

Whale Watching Moonshadow TQC Cruises Port Stephens

Just east of Fingal Lighthouse the crew and passengers on board this mornings cruise were thrilled to find three very active pods of humpback whales making their way north. They looked to be having the time of their life displaying continuous tail slaps, pec slaps, tail lobs and even at one point two whales giving a double tail slap in unison.

Two more pods then joined in and began what looked like a heat run chasing together and showing off with more pec slaps for our eager viewers.

After some time spent with the whales we decided to move onto Cabbage Tree Island to see if some of our furry friends might be out sunning them selves, and to our delight there was. Not too many, but around 8 or so today, the others may have ‘gone fishing’.

We then came across a small pod of Bottlenose dolphins at Yacabba Headland however we couldn’t get too close as they were swimming right beside the rocks.

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