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11 JUNE 2024

Whale Watching Moonshadow TQC Cruises Port Stephens

Passengers aboard MV Osprey have been treated to a very close encounter with a lone Humpback Whale this morning, the whale was swimming very close to the bow of the boat and moving along the left hand-side giving everyone a nice close viewing. We can see another pod further ahead but they are swimming north bound a little faster and we have not been able to catch up to them. We have seen the trifecta of dolphins today; first off seeing a pod of Common Dolphins, and then Off Shore Oceanic Dolphins and then lastly a pod of the Port Stephens Bottlenose Dolphins feeding outside the Yaccaba Headland.The seals on Cabbage Tree Island provided a bit of light entertainment with what appeared to be the mother of a calf barking orders at her young pup, the seal pup jumped off the rocks into the water as if running away from mum; of course mum was having none of this and chased him into the water. We will never know what they were disagreeing about.

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