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9th July 2020

It was a little warmer out on the water today – passengers sighted two large humpbacks spending good time on the surface, displaying tail lobs and they came quite close to the boat.  We then cruised over to Cabbage Tree Island where the seals put on a bit of a show – two pairs were talking (barking) at each other and others were swimming.  We then spotted a very large pod of Bottlenose dolphins off Bennetts Beach feeding on some fish – all in all an enjoyable morning out on the ocean.

This afternoon we saw a juvenile whale early on and then spent good time with two adult whales – sighting was good with lots of time on the surface quite close to the boat with some tail dives and audible breaths.  Again, quite a few dolphins around this afternoon enjoying the mild conditions.  Moonshadow V crew reported seeing a newborn humpback calf – the first for the season!

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