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8th October 2020

Our morning cruise aboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer has found a Humpback mother and her calf traveling with another adult escort close to Cabbage Tree Island. All whales spent a good amount of time on the surface of the water, and came in quite close to the boat at one stage. We have spent about 30 minutes with the pod, enjoying the display of tail slaps, tail lobes and general playfulness in the water.

As we have headed back into Nelson Bay we have come across a pod of 10-15 Bottlnose Dolphins.

We have cruised towards the north side of Cabbage Tree Island for the afternoon whale watch cruise. We have spotted a few pods; the first pod the mother Humpback Whale was showing off her beautiful tail as she slapped it to the surface of the water. The second pod was one lone Humpback Whale that had left its run quite late and was seen heading north bound, there’s always one late comer. We have then come across a pod of three whales acting very playful behind Boondelbah Island.

The Bottlenose Dolphins have been very active and seen surfing the wave near the moonbar.

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