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3rd August 2020

Hinchinbrook Explorer has cruised into lovely flat sea conditions as they have made their way out through the headlands at Shoal Bay. Perfect for cruising off shore cruising looking for whales at Port Stephens.

Our first sighting of the day has been a juvenile Humpback Whale, the whale has been spending three to four minutes beneath the surface of the water on sounding dives. A sounding dives gives the whales its bearing of its current location. The whale has been slightly playful, rolling on the surface of the water and showing off its beautiful pectoral fins and while belly.

There is nothing better than an afternoon cruising in brilliant conditions, with calm seas and light breezes. We have spent time with a couple of Humpback Whales, an adult that was happily continuing it’s journey north bound. The second Humpback Whale was a young juvenile that was showing off with repetitive tail slapping on the surface of the water.



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