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25 July 2021

Oh my gosh, winter has certainly arrived with the westerly wind feeling like it is blowing off the snow at the Barrington Tops. Being out on the deck is the place to be for spotting the whales so a scarf and beanie are a must to keep warm.

The whales have been a little bit tricky to locate this morning, but our patience has paid off with a pair of Humpback Whales spotted close to Fingal Island. They were spending a good amount of time on the surface of the water, and were very easy to see beneath the water as both had large amount of white skin which makes the water appear to be aqua in colour as the whales swim through.

As we have been viewing the whales, a large pod of Common Dolphins have come to greet the boat, swimming on the bow, and glancing up at our passengers as they twist and turn in the water.


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