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21st June 2020

Which way to look? With whales on both sides of the Hinchinbrook Explorer during our first cruise of the morning, passengers were in the perfect position to track the two pods of Humpback Whales on their northern migration to the eastern side of Boondelbah Island. All whales spent a good amount of time on the surface of the water. As we cruised further norther towards Cabbage Tree Island to see the seals we have also been joined by a pod of Common Dolphins.

Our passengers aboard the MV Spirit morning whale watch cruise have seen two pods of whales, and spent most of our time with one pod of three young whales in 150 metres depth of water. The whales were on the surface of the water quite often, with dive times of only two to four minutes at a time. The whales were quite active with displays of pec slapping and breaching, even coming close to the vessel at one stage.

The afternoon cruise aboard the MV Spirit were spoilt with the sight of whales everywhere. We could see four or five pods with lots of breaching. Common Dolphins were riding the pressure wave during both cruises.

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