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16 July 2021

How does a Whale know where to go? Well just like some migrating birds Whales have Bio-magnetite found in their brains, and it is believed that marine mammals use the earths magnetic field as well as sonar to direct themselves during migration. At Moonshadow-TQC our whale watching cruises find the migrating whales in what we call the humpback highway. The Port Stephens section of highway starts from approx. Fingal Island and runs north past Broughton Island and up towards Seals rocks.

For Cruises occurring during the northern whale migration, we head for this location usually heading past Tomaree Headland then on-towards Fingal Island. During the southern migration, we pass Yacaaba Headland and Cabbage Tree Island so we can travel south with a pod. This is the optimum way to spend the most time with the whales.

Today the crew took to the highway and with an elevated sense of excitement as they knew it was going to be a great day. Not long into the cruise the crews’ vibes were confirmed as they had two Humpback whales both breaching.  What made today special the whales were taking turns so the passengers were lucky enough to absorb this amazing sight over, and over, and over again. Even the crew had to take their shoes off to count the number of times the whales breached and even then, they still needed more fingers and toes!

Along the way they came across a small pod of Common Dolphins and got to compare them with some resident Port Stephens Bottlenose Dolphins once the vessel returned into the bay.

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