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8 June 2022

Whale Watching Moonshadow TQC Cruises Port Stephens

Are whales acrobatic? Humpback Whales are known as the most acrobatic mammal of the oceanic world, especially when you consider the size of a fully grown adult whale can be the size of a small bus. Can you picture a bus leaping out of the water looking graceful and majestic as it twists its body mid air to land back to the water. Well some how the sight of a acrobatic Humpback Whale is a thing of beauty, whether the whale is breaching itself out of the water or tail slapping the surface of the water it is something never to be forgotten.

Passengers on our whale watch cruises today have been treated to an acrobatic display of tail slapping and tail lobbing creating lots of white water splashing. And of course we have cruised past Cabbage Tree Island to say hello to the seals lazing about on the rocks at the base of the island.We have also been joined by a pod of inshore Indo Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins that have come in quite close to the vessel as we made our way back into the bay at Shoal Bay.

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