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7 JUNE 2023

Whale Watching Moonshadow TQC Cruises Port Stephens

Whale-a-holic Adventures: A Day in the Life of Renee, the Whale Enthusiast!

Step into the extraordinary world of Renee, a self-professed whale-a-holic with an insatiable passion for all things whales! Join us as we dive into a day filled with breathtaking encounters, acrobatic displays, and sheer whale-induced bliss. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey alongside Renee.

Morning Magic: Fingal Island Lighthouse Extravaganza Renee wastes no time when it comes to whale spotting, she’s already found her first pod of humpback whales near the iconic Fingal Island Lighthouse. Talk about efficiency! But wait, there’s more! Witnessing a heat run of five magnificent whales, two of whom decided they were auditioning for the Olympics by attempting mid-air flights and making colossal splashes, was nothing short of jaw-dropping. The morning adventure has officially begun!

Afternoon Delight: Whales Galore from Boat Harbour to Broughton Island Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, Renee takes us on an afternoon escapade that surpasses all expectations. Countless pods of humpback whales, as far as the eye can see, create a sight that’s beyond imagination. Breaches, tail slaps, and even full-body rolls on the water’s surface – these whales certainly know how to put on a show! With whales surrounding them from all sides, Renee and her passengers have reached whale-watching ecstasy.

The Whales Have It All Figured Out. Have you ever wondered why humpback whales engage in such acrobatic displays? Well, Renee has done her homework! These majestic creatures are not only graceful but also incredibly intelligent. Breaching allows them to communicate, shed parasites, or perhaps just show off their incredible strength. Tail slaps serve as a way to communicate, while pec fin slaps are the whale version of a high-five. Who knew whales were so versatile? Renee certainly does!

30 Whales and Counting: The Whaley Achievement It’s official: Renee has hit the whale-watching jackpot. With more than 30 humpback whales gracing the scene, the sheer abundance of these magnificent creatures is beyond belief. Whales to the left, whales to the right, and whales in every other direction imaginable – it’s a whale enthusiast’s dream come true. Renee is living proof that you can never have too many whales in your life!

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