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Whale Sightings

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26 MAY 2024

We could not have chosen a better day for cruising along the Port Stephens coastline looking for north bound whales today, conditions have been perfect with nice calm seas, light breezes and brilliant sunshine.

Passengers aboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer have experienced a number of close encounters with some curious Humpback Whales coming in close to the boat giving everyone a thrill – there is no better sound than an adult Humpback Whale surfacing the water and exhaling its breath. What come up must also go down, which means the opportunity to see the unique underside of the whales fluke as they dive under the water again.

A day of out on the ocean is not complete without a visit to Cabbage Tree Island and today did not disappoint with a beautiful Australian Fur Seal mum taking a much deserved rest on the rocks with a super cute seal pup lying beside her.

Photo credit: Lee Matthews Photography

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