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25 MAY 2024

The early bird Humpback Whales are leading the procession along the Port Stephens Whale Highway! This morning we have seen the first breaching Humpback Whale of the season, with Hinchinbrook Explorer heading towards the Fingal Island Lighthouse where a lone whale was spotted and took everyone by surprise by breaching itself right out of the water a couple of times. Next on the wild life tick box is the Australian Fur Seals that make Cabbage Tree Island their home during the winter months.

Crew report from the afternoon cruise there have been a number of pod of Humpback Whales in the vicinity, but its a pod of two whales that have caught our attention. Both spent a good amount of time on the surface and showed their sheer force in slapping their tails on top of the water creating a display of white water splashing. At one point one of the whales has appeared quite close to the boat.

Photo Credit: Lee Matthews Photography

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