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Whale Sightings

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24 JUNE 2023

This morning’s cruise aboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer, the passengers didn’t know which way to look as whales were everywhere.  Two whales came close to the vessel with breaches, pec slapping, head lunges and tail lobbing.  On the return trip via Cabbage Tree Island seals were to be seen swimming and sleeping on the rocks.  As they passed Yacaaba Headland a pod of Common Dolphins joined the cruise surfing with the bow waves.

It has been an action packed afternoon aboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer, even before locating the whales we were joined by a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins that were playfully leaping out of the water showing off their ability to launch themselves into the air. We have moved onto view a pod of three Humpback Whales involved in a heat run. Movement of the whales in a heat run can be quite erratic, darting from point to point, slowing down their pace, and then picking up the tempo, splashing the surface of the water with tails and even at one point landing on top of one another.

Photo Credit: Lee Matthews Photographer

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