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2 August 2021

Whale watching Moonshadow-TQC cruises

Back to work Monday does not seem too bad when your office floats on the water and cruises out through the headland at Shoal Bay on the search for Humpback Whales.

The skipper of the Hinchinbrook Explorer has guided the vessel out towards Fingal Island to find three whales close by, all three whales were heading in a southerly direction making an early return to the southern ocean and feeding grounds for summer.

As the whales have approached quite close to the vessel, the skipper has cut the engine while the whales were within a 100 meters or so of the vessel. One whale must have been quite inquisitive as it spy hopped his head out of the water to check on what was occurring above the water line. All passengers had a great view as the whales spent time coming in nice and close, you could even see their shadows beneath the water with any white patches of skin appearing to turn the water a beautiful aqua colour.

There are also large pods of Common Dolphins off shore this morning. Common Dolphins are easily recognised by their striking hourglass or criss-cross patterns making this species of dolphins quite spectacular to view, especially as they are know for their acrobatic abilities, leaping and jumping out of the water.

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