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Whale Sightings

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16 JUNE 2023

Our 10am Whale Watching Cruise onboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer saw lots of whales left, right and center! There were 6-8 pods all around the boat lots of surface time, but not too much showing off from them in the way of breaching etc. They were a little on the more ‘lazy’ side this morning. One whale did come right up alongside the boat and swam along side us for a good distance, this was the highlight!

Onboard our afternoon cruise they were a lot more active! With lots of whales, one pod had two or three that were very active and giving us all the tail lobs, rolling, breaching & tail slapping. We were then also joined by a few curious common dolphins swimming between the boat and the whales.

We were delighted on our way back passing Cabbage Tree Island, to see a family of seals with the cutest seal pup, sunning and warming themselves on the rocks. All in all a great day, with great sea conditions and warm sun.

Photo Credit: Lee Matthews Photographer

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