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15 June 2022

What a magical day to be on the water in the beautiful Port Stephens.  Seas were calm and the sun is shining.  Our passengers today were treated with lots of acrobatic displays from about 30 whales who are migrating north.  We saw plenty of breaches, tail lobs and pectoral fin slaps.  Passengers and crew were entertained with one whale perfecting his backstroke, laying on the surface with his belly in the air and slapping his fingers around while egging on his friend who was doing tail lobs.  Often both got a bit excited and were jumping for joy, known as a breach.  Lots of bird life was also seen with Pectorals, Albatross and Gannet.  If that wasn’t enough excitement for the day, our skipper steamed over to Cabbage Tree Island to find 15 big fat seals who were sun baking after a morning hunting for a delicious seafood breakfast

Photography credit: Paul Flanagan

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