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Whale Sightings

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10 June 2022

From the vessel this morning multiple pods of Humpback Whales were observed off Fingal Lighthouse so we haven’t had to travel too far today to see the action.  Cruise Director, Renee, advised that the pods appeared to have two or more whales in each pod.

With so many whales within the vicinity there is a lot of activity between all the pods communicating with one another.  Sighted behaviours were head lunges, this is quite a spectacular sight with the sheer bulk and size of an adult Humpback Whale lifting it’s head out of the water.

It was noticed on the afternoon whale watching cruise aboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer, that the whales continued to provide an atmosphere of social interaction over four to five pods.  One lone juvenile whale thought he was a Ballerina and delighted the passengers on the bow of the vessel by pirouetting it’s entire body out of the water creating an enormous splash.

Another whale sighting was captured and the type of whale was unknown with potentially being a Pilot Whale or Minke Whale which disappeared from sight very quickly making it difficult to identify.

Photo credit: Lee Matthews Photography

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