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Dine And Discover Voucher

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DISCOVER NSW VOUCHERS – Yes, Moonshadow TQC can accept the NSW Discovery Vouchers and NSW Parent Vouchers. All bookings must be made by contacting our office on 4984 9388 as unfortunately our website is not set up to accept the Discover or Parent Vouchers.

When you phone our office, please ensure you have your code ready to quote to be redeem and applied to your booking. Please note, when using the Service NSW App, the code refreshes, and regenerates every 10 minutes.

Discover and Parent Vouchers must be redeemed at the time of booking by providing the code that is beneath the QR Code. We are unable to leave a booking in arears, any balance of payment must be made by credit card over the phone at the time of booking.

Service NSW allows Moonshadow TQC to redeem one Discover Voucher per person per day that has been issued to NSW residents. Multiple Parent Vouchers can be redeemed